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A little about me...

I've lived an incredible life and feel very blessed to have experienced all that I have.  I try to bring my experience to others with music, film, photography and many random acts of kindness and love.  My purpose in this lifetime is being part of a movement of people who act to bring us back to who we really are. To inspire the world to restore a truly humane way of living and treating all beings. To open our eyes and our hearts again.  To change how we live and love.

I was born in Medford, Massachusetts in 1965.  I started playing music at the age of six.  By the age of fifteen, I was a professional musician and producer, it was then that I also discovered my passion for photography. 
I moved to NYC in 1988 to pursue music, art, film and philanthropy. 
I currently live and thrive in San Francisco, California. I am currently available as a Director, Editor, Cameraman, Audio Engineer and Music Producer. I also do Post Production work, Color Correction, Sound Mixing, Mastering.

Hopefully, my site will inspire you to help support me or co-create with me to bring great things to the world.

Love & Gratitude,   Gregg Marks


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